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Banjalučki Gravel Fest


  1. Banjalučki Gravel Fest is a self-supported gravel/off-road bicycle race open to anyone.

  2. Event is organized by Biciklomania from Banja Luka.

  3. Self-supported means that participants cannot use any type of pre-planned assistance from non-racers. For example: their family members, friends, team, etc. Only exceptions allowed is help from fellow participants, local community (stores, gas stations, mechanic shops) and event organizers. Anyone not following this rule during the race, will be automatically disqualified. Be fair to others, be fair with yourself! This rule does not apply to participants who withdrawn from the race.

  4. Banjalučki Gravel Fest will take place on Saturday, 18.05.2024 (18th of May, 2024). The start of the event is scheduled for Saturday (18.05.2024) at 9:00 (in the morning) local time.

  5. Start and finish will be in Banja Luka.

  6. Start times for each group are: 60km at 11:00; 125km at 9:00

  7. Banjalučki Gravel Fest is divided into two (2) distance groups: 60km and 125km. Participants in each group are required to complete the event within a designated time limit. Final route details will be released to registered participants no later than 5.05.2024.

  8. The short route (60km) will be fully marked (tapes, signs, spray paint) and usage of GPS device is not required.

  9. The long (125km) and route will not be marked and participants are required to use GPS device or phone application and follow its directions. We will provide the track files for your device. There will be sections throughout the ride where both routes will use the same track, so 60k signs will be visible for all.

  10. There will be places along each route (gas stations, stores, bars, restaurants) where participants can purchase food or drinks (if needed) or seek shelter in case of an emergency.  

  11. Registration process will open on 1.12.2023 and close on 05.05.2024 (23:59 in Banja Luka). Within first month of that period (until 31.12.2023; 23:59 in Banja Luka) we are offering discounted pricing for participation.

  12. All registration forms submitted until end of 31.12.2023 (lower price) require a completed payment within the same time period.

  13. We accept payments in Euro (and in KM for residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina), which can be completed through bank transfer and PayPal or Revolut mobile payment apps. Payment details will be send out in an e-mail after we receive completed registration form. Important when paying with PayPal: additional 5 EUR is required with your payment (transaction fee).

  14. Event is open to anyone. If cyclist's age is under 18, it is required that he/she is participating with an adult participant or has written permission from one parent. Parent is required to be present during the pre-race check-in.

  15. Only human powered bicycles are allowed. No e-bikes or other mechanically supported bicycles!

  16. Each participant will be able to pick-up their starting number on Friday, May 17th. Location and hours will be provided after registration is closed.

  17. Start location will be open on Saturday, May 18th from 7:00 (in the morning). Between 7:00 until 30 minutes before the start of each group (8:30 for 125km, 10:30 for 60km) riders can pick-up their starting packets.

  18. In case participant cannot complete the route by his/her own power and decides to quit, he/she will need to inform us about it as soon as possible.

  19. All participants in long route (125km) will be equipped with live tracking device. We will be giving those out during pre-start check-in. Device has to be returned immediately after completing the ride. Same rule is for cyclists who do not finish the competition. 25 EUR deposit will be added to your participation payment to cover the fee if the device is not returned, gets damaged or lost. We will be collecting devices at the finish line and the deposit will be refunded back via original form of payment no later than 26.05.2024.

  20. We understand that plans can change at any time. If you desire to change the selected distance or simply withdraw from the event, please send us an email until 7.04.2024 with your request. After that day we will not accept any change nor cancellation requests. Participants who decide to cancel their start, will receive money back (full amount) through the same method of payment up to 30 days from receiving the notice.

  21. Banjalučki Gravel Fest will conclude on Saturday (18.05.2024) at 22:00.

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