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About us

The main goal of Biciklomania is to show many amazing places and promote Bosnia and Herzegovina through different cycling activities. Cyclists participating in our events will visit famous tourist attractions and see so-called hidden gems within this small Balkan country. Majority of the routes created by us go off the beaten path and away from the main roads, so that way participants can experience the authentic life of local communities and try food not found in big city restaurants or roadside bars. We hope that everyone will find here something interesting.

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Jarek Ciosek - owner and tour creator

I have been adventure cycling and bikepacking since 2005. Loop around Yellowstone National Park, Katy Trail, Great Allegheny Passage and Kokopelli Trail are the only few completed routes in my cycling resume. I raced in Arkansas High Country Race, Tuscobia Winter Ultra and Wisla 1200 endurance events. Also participated in The Mid South and other gravel races. In 2019 a group of 5 cyclists under my leadership successfully completed a ride as part of Bike Jamboree: Around the World bicycle relay. We traveled almost 800km in United States of America, between states of Montana and North Dakota.


In 2013 I visited Bosnia and Herzegovina for the very first time and I was immediately mesmerized by its nature, landscape and people. Since than I've returned here multiple times to visit my wife's family in Banja Luka. I was also spending that time sightseeing various places, trying delicious foods and learning local language. From January of 2022 I call Bosnia, with Banja Luka my new home. I've started my life here by touring by bicycle different interesting places and exploring tourism opportunities. This travel experience and my planning skills helped create new routes, which are part of what Biciklomania has now to offer.

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