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Biciklomania bikepacking camp

Bikepacking Camp

Few years back bikepacking have entered modern cycling industry by storm. Currently many brands are offering various types of products related to this kind of bicycle travel. There are also different sources of information about it but this subject still can create a lot of confusion when it’s put into practice. This is where Biciklomania comes to help.

Hi, my name is Jarek (@polish.bikepacker) and will tell you what bikepacking is? To put it simply: it's a slimmed version of typical bike touring. Pack light, pack less and pack most important items for your travel. For many it is easier to be said than done. I understand. Especially with smaller bags to pack into. Someone who is new, the main question is “where do I start from”. For experienced travelers it is mainly about the things. What to take and how to pack it.

If you are interested in learning about bikepacking or been thinking about switching from heavy panniers into lighter setup make sure to reach out to us. I am offering multi-day bikepacking camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during which participants will learn about this type of cycling adventure in theory and practice. Planning a route, selecting gear and clothing and packing bags are just few subjects that will be discussed during this camp. The practical part includes bicycle adventure with sightseeing, camping and trying local food.


Contact us for more information.

Biciklomania bikepacking camp
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