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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Banja Luka



Bosnia & Herzegovina as a country found its place on European map back in 1992, but the history of this region in the Balkans is older than anybody can think. Today Bosnia has many amazing tourist attractions, local residents offer great hospitality and there is plenty of room for outdoor activities including cycling.


Bosnian Mountains Race is a new self-supported ultra-endurance cycling competition during which participants have opportunity to explore and learn about Bosnia & Herzegovina. One country, split into two entities – Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our routes wander through both, so everyone can witness the diversity of people living in Bosnia. And with that have a chance to try variety of traditional delicacies, which are always fresh and prepared using locally grown ingredients. Racers will briefly visit few natural wonders of Bosnia, like stunning Pliva Waterfall and mesmerizing water cascades in Janjske Otoke. There will be also a short section of a historic Ćiro train route, which is a symbol of the Balkans and Yugoslavia. The first kilometers of tracks for Ćiro were laid back during ruling of an Austro-Hungarian Empire. And naturally Bosnian Mountains Race showcases the natural beauty that lays within Bosnia. Unlimited view of the mountains, tall plateaus covered with various vegetation, lush forests with rich fauna, deep and long valleys with creeks and rivers filled with pristine clear water.

Are you ready to go on this amazing adventure and see the charms of Bosnia with your own eyes?

Please read before signing up


Before you register, let us tell you quickly about our new project. It’s called “I bike Banja Luka” and the goal is to create, build, maintain and promote extensive system of cycling routes around and from Banja Luka. Future plan includes scouting routes, creating maps for public use, making and installing signs and many more. All that for local cyclists and tourists. In the registration form we ask, if you would be interested in making a donation for “I bike Banja Luka” project. This amount will be added to the total price of registration and person who makes a donation will have a sign printed on the t-shirt "I'm part of I bike Banja Luka project".

Total donations (in EUR):









15000 meters

156 hours




11000 meters


108 hours

  • Event t-shirt

  • Cycling hat with number

  • GPS route files (.gpx, .fit, .tcx)

  • Live tracking device

  • Finisher's medal

  • Prizes for first three finishers (male and female on each route)

  • Warm meal at the finish line

  • Vehicle support

140 EUR
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